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You can download full Press Kit with screenshots, review guide, icons, descriptions and other useful stuff here: quotes-keeper-press-kit.zip

About Quotes Keeper

On 23 January 2017 small software development studio DayOne.pl released first version of Quotes Keeper.

Quotes Keeper is a little app for iPhone and iPad to collect all your favorite quotes.

Whether you're preparing a thesis, work on an article or simply like to collect inspiring thoughts - Quotes Keeper is your personal quotes database.

With Quotes Keeper you can:

  • Store all your quotes safely on iPhone and iPad
  • Automatically fetch author's image and summary from Wikipedia
  • Keep all your devices in sync using iCloud
  • Search and browse through quotes, authors, sources and tags
  • Tag, rate and share your quotes
  • Import and export CSV files compatible with Quotebook app
  • Shake phone to get a random quote from your database

App is available for free in AppStore with premium pack unlocking some features (currently Wikipedia data download and iCloud sync) available as in-app purchase for $3.99 (for first week after release it will be available with 50% discount - for $1.99).

We decided to build Quotes Keeper after the sad announcement from Lickability, that they are discontinuing Quotebook app. We were using it for years to build our own databases of inspiring quotes worth remembering and now everything seemed over. It simply couldn't happen. So, here it is, our own replacement for Quotebook with hopefully a bright future of new features and releases.

About DayOne.pl

DayOne.pl is a small software development studio with tons of experience located in Lodz - Poland. We're 3 guys who love making useful software that improves lives. After many years of corporate work, we have started our own company to build great applications from start to finish.

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